Educational Games Online

My children really enjoy it when I can find a great game online to supplement our history studies. Here are a few we like: We learned how to play Senet when we studied Ancient Egypt. This online version looks somewhat realistic, so you may want to check it out, especially if you are thinking of […]

Tomb Painting

Our hands-on project last week was very simple. I hung newsprint on 3 walls in a walk-in closet, using painters tape to protect the walls. Newsprint can typically be gotten very cheaply in giant rolls at your local newspaper office. It makes great packing material if you are moving, and it is awesome to have […]

Sugar Cube Pyramids

We made our Sugar Cube Pyramids last week while we were waiting for our doll mummies to dry. It was interesting to see each boy’s personality come through! I gave each boy a handout that showed, step by step, how to measure the size of the pyramid, select the appropriate amount of sugar cubes and […]

G. I. Joe Mummies

We had to throw our chicken mummy away last week, since our stay at the hospital meant he didn’t get the care he needed in a timely fashion! So today we learned about mummification using a method that didn’t require the use of gloves, masks or even air freshener! I got four male dolls at […]

Egyptian Feast

We held our Egyptian Feast tonight to celebrate the end of our first week back to school. It was so fun! And easy! I was able to get everything I needed this afternoon, and I spent less than 3 hours total preparing the food, costumes and games. The memories will last a lifetime. My first […]

King Cluck II: The Chicken Mummy

We started our chicken mummy today. This disgusting hands-on project will take about two months to bring to completion. We mummified a chicken 4 years ago. I was pregnant with our fourth son at the time, and having lots of morning sickness. Trying to preserve King Cluck didn’t help. We used cinnamon and nutmeg to […]

Cookie Dough Maps

Today we made Cookie Dough Maps of Ancient Egypt. It was, simultaneously, both a fiasco and a success. The fiasco: Apparently, we used a no-bake dough recipe. I didn’t read carefully enough, and here is what happened as a result: Just as the Nile River overflowed its banks every year, this molten mixture would not […]