Feast of Booths

We are reading through the book of Nehemiah right now. Today we read about how the people had quit celebrating the Feast of Booths (or Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot), which God put into place as a yearly reminder of how they had wandered in the wilderness for 40 years after the Exodus. Today’s “feast” […]

Celebrating the Passover

Our study of Ancient Israel culminated this week with a passover meal. We were blessed to go to a Christian museum that teaches biblical history through architectural replicas and Biblical meal presentations. We began with a walk amongst the replicas, as our guide taught us about life in ancient Israel. She shared many scriptures with […]

Costumes for our Passover meal

We are getting ready to celebrate our Passover meal tonight. We’ll be finishing up our study of Ancient Israel in a few weeks, and I know tonight’s meal will be one of the highlights of our study. We are going to a biblical museum which specializes in doing passover meals for Christian groups. The setting […]

Decoupaged Plates

Our hands on project this week is a decoupaged plate. We have been studying Ancient Israel this year, and our Tapestry of Grace curriculum suggests that we hold various family feasts as we learn about Israel. We’ve already done a Sabbath meal (Shabbat), and soon it will be time for our family Passover Feast. We’re […]

Celebrating Shabbat

We’ve been studying Ancient Israel and reading through the Old Testament. This week we read about (and worked to memorize!) the Ten Commandments. As we began to learn about the importance of honoring the Sabbath (Shabbat) we wanted to have a Shabbat Feast celebration in our own home. Our six year old son Colin was […]

Shabbat recipes

Here are several recipes we used during Shabbat, and the details of our complete menu below. Again, we were not observing a strict Jewish Shabbat, as we are Christians. I did not concern myself with whether or not we were meeting dietary laws or whether these foods were Kosher. To read exactly what we said […]

Our Shabbat Script

  I put together this Sabbath “script”, drawing on many of the ideas and prayers I found in Martha Zimmerman’s book Celebrating Biblical Feasts. I wanted to follow her recommendations as to the elements and order of a Shabbat feast, since I had never participated in one before. Some of the prayers we read follow […]