Teaching Children about Other Religions

When and how much to teach about other religions is a sensitive subject. Each parent will need to make their own decision, taking into account the age of their children and the child’s own spiritual maturity. We live in a culture that is bombarding us–and our children–with the lie that every belief is equally valid, […]

Indian Feast

  Knox chose to build the city wall with some structures inside. We just finished our study of Ancient India, and we capped off the week with an Indian Feast. Mema and Papa came over to join in the fun. The kids were excited to share some things they had learned about India, as well […]

Indian Feast Recipes

We studied Ancient India this week. Our study culminated with an Indian Feast. Here are the recipes we used. Menu: Basmati Rice Tandoori Chicken Chicken Curry Indian Naan Bread Green salad Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream) If you decide to prepare an Indian Feast, plan ahead. The ice cream needs at least 8 hours to freeze. […]