Cross country road trip: Goals for the Trip

Our family recently completed a 6 week long cross country road trip. We traveled from Atlanta, GA to Jackson, Mississippi and from there to Chicago, IL. After a week in Chicago my husband flew home and I traveled on with 5 of our kids (ages 4, 6, 12, 15, and 17) all the way to […]

The Perils of Pinterest

I wrote a post about how to use the social media image-driven website Pinterest in 2011, shortly after the site went public.  At that time I wasn’t aware the risks Pinterest poses for our children. Pinterest users create virtual bulletin boards and pin anything they want to from the internet.  People pin everything from recipes to decorating ideas. You […]

Our new adoption blog and deleting this feed

I want to apologize to everyone who keeps getting emails from this blog! I am not sure whether I have been hacked or if the problem lies with Feedburner, but although I haven’t posted anything new for awhile my blog keeps sending out posts.  I haven’t been able to do anything about it as I […]

Creating a Library for My Daughter

My first daughter was born shortly after my 40th birthday.  I hope to be around for another 40 years, to walk as her companion through the many stages of a woman’s life.  But I don’t take it for granted that I will be. I have already started a library for her, filled with books about faith, […]

Old School Education

  I have always loved school. By 7 years of age I had already set my sights on an Ivy League education and on all the doors such an education would open for me.  I got my first “B” in 6th grade, and feared—for a moment—that I had lost my chance to cross that hallowed threshold. […]

Visionary Womanhood

Do you seek to expand your vision beyond the walls of your own home and the confines of your time in history? The Best of Visionary Womanhood Volume I is now available and I have to say that WOW, it knocked my socks off!  I was a contributing writer for this book, and I am […]

Hope in Christ, Not in Curriculum

August is an exhilarating month for me.  I always look forward to the start up of our homeschool.  By the time August rolls around all the school books have been bought, lesson plans are prepared, and the schedule has been tweaked.  Nothing has happened—yet—to ruin my idyllic dreams that this will be the most productive […]

Homeschooling with Heart interview

You can find the archives for my Homeschooling with Heart interview here.  

Safety on the Internet

Our family uses the internet a lot.  We rely on it for our home-based business, for our oldest son’s online classes, for homework and educational websites, and for games.  Almost every member of our family uses the internet daily. Although our computers are in a safe, public place, I began to worry last year about […]

Don’t fill up on Dessert

My oldest was a natural born student.  When I started homeschooling him for Kindergarten, he was already reading well.  I had just one other child at the time, a baby.  The meat and potatoes of our school day were easily and quickly accomplished, leaving lots of time for dessert: history, science and enrichment. Things have […]