We were so blessed this week to win tickets to the amazing exhibit Passages. This traveling exhibit showcases over 300 Biblical artifacts.  There are ancient fragments of Scripture from the Dead Sea Scrolls, papyri, early translations in many languages, rare and beautifully illuminated manuscripts, early copies of the Pilgrim’s Geneva Bible and John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s […]

The Grandparent/Elder Project

This year we studied 20th Century history.  Our favorite project of the year was definitely our Grandparent Project.  I had done something similar when I was in 8th grade.  I remember interviewing my grandmother and some of her friends about their memories of significant events which had happened during their lifetime.  It was a very […]

World War 1: Boys’ Hands On Activities

Our younger boys have been longing to dig a trench in the backyard so they can play World War 1. They had visions of digging at least 7 feet deep and lining their trench with boards to make it just like the trenches they saw in our WW 1 books. This weekend they got permission […]

Seasonal bargains

My boys love costumes.  They dress up all the time!  My youngest one practically lives in costumes 7 days a week. The day after Halloween many shops will mark costumes down as much as 75%! You can often find great deals.  Last year after Halloween I picked up several inexpensive costumes for Christmas gifts.  If […]

Bunker Hill Chess

The boys have enjoyed many games of Bunker Hill Chess this spring.  They enjoy pitting the Americans against the British and fighting it out. You can almost hear the cannons booming!

Homeschool Days at Yorktown, Virginia

Our day at Yorktown was slightly miserable because it had snowed in the night and, being Georgians, we didn’t have any boots. Nevertheless, we enjoyed Yorktown so much that our family went back for an extra day at the end of the week so that we could see things we had missed the first day. […]

Homeschool Days in Jamestown Virginia

We went to Virginia for Williamsburg homeschool days.  Of course we couldn’t miss Jamestown or Yorktown while we were there.  All three of these historic locations are within 10 to 30 minutes drive of one another. The Jamestown and Yorktown Foundation held their homeschool days during the same time frame as Colonial Williamsburg, making the […]

Homeschool Days at Colonial Williamsburg

We just returned from a wonderfully educational week at Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown.  This was one of the best field trips we’ve ever taken, and I hope you’ll consider going if it is ever within the realm of possibility.  It was well worth the 10+ hour drive, and added a great deal to our […]

Medieval Castle Siege Game

Finished castle with “King Toucan” I got this idea from someone else’s blog, but unfortunately I can’t remember where I saw it!  We had lots of fun with this one. First, we printed out castle templates so that the kids could assemble their own castle.  I printed out the black and white ones, and the […]

Educational Games Online

My children really enjoy it when I can find a great game online to supplement our history studies. Here are a few we like: We learned how to play Senet when we studied Ancient Egypt. This online version looks somewhat realistic, so you may want to check it out, especially if you are thinking of […]