The Perils of Pinterest

I wrote a post about how to use the social media image-driven website Pinterest in 2011, shortly after the site went public.  At that time I wasn’t aware the risks Pinterest poses for our children. Pinterest users create virtual bulletin boards and pin anything they want to from the internet.  People pin everything from recipes to decorating ideas. You […]

Our new adoption blog and deleting this feed

I want to apologize to everyone who keeps getting emails from this blog! I am not sure whether I have been hacked or if the problem lies with Feedburner, but although I haven’t posted anything new for awhile my blog keeps sending out posts.  I haven’t been able to do anything about it as I […]

The Blind Leading the Blind: a tutorial

  Technology comes easy for some people. But not for me. Everything I know how to do on the computer has been hard fought and hard won, usually learned one baby step at a time. That’s why I am so excited–so ECSTATIC–that I learned how to make a linked thumbnail image for my blogs, and […]

Carnival of Homeschooling #196

  This edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling is being hosted at Heart of the Matter. Perhaps the venue got everyone excited, as there are dozens of posts in this edition! Check it out here.

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

  I’m so thrilled to be hosting the latest edition of the Charlotte Mason blog carnival! We are beginning our 10th year of homeschooling this fall. The very first book I ever read about homeschooling was The Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola. I was captivated by Miss Mason’s ideas and knew that I wanted […]

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

For the past couple of months I’ve been participating in a Charlotte Mason blog carnival. It has truly been a joy to read about what others are doing for art, music appreciation, poetry, nature study and more. I found out about Charlotte Mason when I was just beginning my homeschool journey, and her philosophies continue […]