Write Guide writing course

We’re finally getting back in the swing of school after the holidays. Time to start posting again! I love writing, and I am the happy beneficiary of several excellent writing courses taken in high school and college. Unfortunately, this has not translated very well when it comes to teaching my own children to write well, […]

The Value of Copywork

Copywork is an important part of our school day.  My 2nd grade son is showing real improvement in his handwriting through the regular use of this tried and true method.  He is also starting to feel more comfortable writing sentences on his own. I have found it to be an excellent method for our dyslexic […]

Writing with Ease

  This year we are using Susan Wise Bauer’s wonderful new program, The Complete Writer: Writing with Ease. This curriculum teaches the elementary-aged writer (or struggling older child) how to express themselves on paper. I find this program simple to implement and enjoyable to teach. My children look forward to their daily copywork lesson, and […]

Online Courses

Our oldest son has taken some courses online over the past few years and it has been a great benefit to him–and to me. Latin By his third year of Latin study, I could no longer keep up with him. It had gotten to the point that I would check his work with the teacher […]