We were so blessed this week to win tickets to the amazing exhibit Passages. This traveling exhibit showcases over 300 Biblical artifacts.  There are ancient fragments of Scripture from the Dead Sea Scrolls, papyri, early translations in many languages, rare and beautifully illuminated manuscripts, early copies of the Pilgrim’s Geneva Bible and John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s […]

More Reformation Fun

I just had to let you know about what my friend Homeschool Dawn is doing to celebrate the Reformation this week. She has great ideas about teaching the 5 “Solas” within a family or to a group of kids. Dawn writes, “The five Solas are five Latin phrases which summarize the Reformers’ theological beliefs in […]

Martin Luther

October 31st marks a vital anniversary. It is the anniverary of the Reformation of the church. It was on October 31st 1517 that Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the Wittenburg door, challenging sinful practices in the Catholic church such as the sale of indulgences, a practice in which people paid money to the […]

Reformation Celebration food

Our family loves German food. We eat it all the time! I was blessed to go to school in Austria where I learned to cook several yummy favorites. Here is our favorite German menu. It’s perfect for a Reformation Celebration feast night! Wiener Schnitzel Kaesspaetzele (Cheesy noodles) Apple Strudel Wiener Schnitzel Traditionally, Wiener Schnitzel calls […]