Resources for the Dyslexic Child

UPDATE: This resource list has become so long over the years that I have decided to break it up by subject as a series of posts.  The posts in this resource series are linked below. Homeschooling the Dyslexic Child: Phonics and Early Readers Homeschooling the Dyslexic Child: Spelling Homeschooling the Dyslexic Child: Handwriting and Copywork […]

Jello spello

My dyslexic son and my youngest son (who struggles with auditory perception) really need hands on, kinesthetic activities to help them cement spelling into their brains. If those activities can also be fun, then all the better! Enter “Jello spello”. Pour a package of jello powder into a bowl. Allow your child to trace his […]

Spelling: The Value of the Whiteboard

My childrens’ attitudes toward spelling have dramatically improved since we began using whiteboards instead of writing all their spelling words on paper. When they were learning to write we used white boards all the time, but once they learned how to write I transitioned them completely to paper. Spelling became very tedious for them, however, […]

Spelling with Clay

Kinesthetic spelling activities are helpful for my dyslexic son.  In this exercise, he formed each letter in the spelling word out of clay.  He likes using a different color for each letter.  He also formed a representation of the word’s meaning out of clay.  This is an important step for dyslexics, who think in pictures. […]

File Folder Spelling

My nine year old dyslexic son has been making great strides in his spelling.  I like to use hands-on, kinesthetic methods as he works to learn his spelling words.  One of his favorite activities is File Folder Spelling. He is given a stack of different colored alphabets, a file folder, his spelling list and some […]