Educational Games Online

My children really enjoy it when I can find a great game online to supplement our history studies. Here are a few we like: We learned how to play Senet when we studied Ancient Egypt. This online version looks somewhat realistic, so you may want to check it out, especially if you are thinking of […]

Mayan Feast

As is our custom, we ended our study of the Mayan culture with a Mayan Feast. Here was the menu: Tamales Pozole De Pollo (traditional pre-columbian chicken soup) Corn Bread Smoothies Honey Vanilla Fruit Compote Hot Chocolate Tamales We love tamales, so I make them frequently. This was the first time I’ve made the dough […]

Studying the Mayans

We studied the Mayans this week. All the kids agreed that the best history book we studied was Your Travel Guide to Ancient Mayan Civilization by Nancy Day. They enjoyed learning about the Mayans while pretending to prepare for a journey back in time. My oldest son and I read Chris Eboch’s The Well of […]