The Grandparent/Elder Project

This year we studied 20th Century history.  Our favorite project of the year was definitely our Grandparent Project.  I had done something similar when I was in 8th grade.  I remember interviewing my grandmother and some of her friends about their memories of significant events which had happened during their lifetime.  It was a very […]

World War 1: Boys’ Hands On Activities

Our younger boys have been longing to dig a trench in the backyard so they can play World War 1. They had visions of digging at least 7 feet deep and lining their trench with boards to make it just like the trenches they saw in our WW 1 books. This weekend they got permission […]

Educational Games Online

My children really enjoy it when I can find a great game online to supplement our history studies. Here are a few we like: We learned how to play Senet when we studied Ancient Egypt. This online version looks somewhat realistic, so you may want to check it out, especially if you are thinking of […]