Homeschooling a Child with a Learning Disability

Homeschooling my oldest son has always been a breeze.  He learned to read when he was 3, and my greatest educational challenge with him was poor penmanship. I was not prepared for the struggles I faced with our second son.  He wasn’t ready to read at age 3. Or at age 4. Or at 5. […]

Home Library Builders: Buying and Organizing Books

  Several months ago, when I started this Home Library Builders series, I promised to write a post about finding books and organizing your library. This is a topic near and dear to my heart…I am always on the lookout for a treasure! I use Tapestry of Grace, a curriculum centered around living books. Some […]

Whatever is Admirable: The Classics

  A classic is a book which has stood the test of time, captivating generations of readers. It often touches on topics which have universal appeal, such as love, friendship, betrayal or loss. Many classics are referenced in other works, allowing the well-read person to make connections between the two. For example, my son and […]

Whatever is Lovely: Poetry, Shakespeare and Charles Dickens

  This post in the Home library builders series continues the theme Whatever is Lovely, looking at Poetry, Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. I enjoy reading poetry with my children! It is one of those things that I haven’t been able to work into our normal daily schedule, so we try to take time once or […]

Whatever is True: Biographies

Having an excellent library in our home is a high priority for me. I firmly believe that character is shaped and influenced greatly by what we read. It is important to me that every time my children pick up a book, it is an excellent one. I wrote a post a few months ago about […]

Favorite Resources for Thanksgiving

We love Thanksgiving! I take the opportunity every year to help my children gain an appreciation for our nation, which was founded by Christians seeking freedom from religious persecution. Here are some of the resources we are using in our family. Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford Every year we read an excerpt from this […]

Free Downloads daily

If you’ve read any of my blogs, you probably know how much I like Vision Forum! VF has started a brand new site,, offering trustworthy, downloadable audio and video content for the Christian family. Behemoth is offering free downloads every day, at least at the moment! Today’s products are a 45 minute audio sermon […]

Struggling or Emerging Readers

It is helpful for both struggling and emerging readers to participate in 4 different kinds of reading opportunities, if it is possible, on a daily or weekly basis. Reading to increase ability First, the child should be reading something that is at their own reading ability daily. My preference is to use “real books”, on […]