Home Library Builders: Buying and Organizing Books

  Several months ago, when I started this Home Library Builders series, I promised to write a post about finding books and organizing your library. This is a topic near and dear to my heart…I am always on the lookout for a treasure! I use Tapestry of Grace, a curriculum centered around living books. Some […]

Teaching Children about Other Religions

When and how much to teach about other religions is a sensitive subject. Each parent will need to make their own decision, taking into account the age of their children and the child’s own spiritual maturity. We live in a culture that is bombarding us–and our children–with the lie that every belief is equally valid, […]

Frequently Asked Tapestry of Grace Questions: A Typical Week

Continuing the series on Frequently Asked Questions, this post is about a typical week with Tapestry. Once again, if you read the material at the bottom of the blog, or if you aren’t interested in TOG, just disregard 🙂 What does a week look like for your Grammar level children? Tapestry covers History, Geography, Literature, […]

Frequently Asked Tapestry Of Grace Questions: Planning

It seems my Tapestry Of Grace post at the bottom of the blog was difficult to read…and Blogger put it into all caps, to boot! I’m going to try re-posting that material in this format, as a series of posts, to see if I can take care of the problem. If you aren’t interested in […]

How I Avoided the TOG fog

We are part way through our 2nd year with TOG (Tapestry of Grace)…and I never felt the fog! Many people become overwhelmed with all Tapestry has to offer, and this sensation is referred to as “the tog fog”. I was so overwhelmed by the size of my giant TOG binders that I did a TON […]

A Testimony about Tapestry of Grace

Our Japanese Tea Party We started Tapestry of Grace in 2007 for our history, literature and geography. It has been amazing! This comprehensive classical curriculum allows all of my boys to study the same topics, each at their own level. It has been great to have them reading and learning about the same things, so […]