The Jesse Tree

  The Jesse tree is a neat way to help our children see the continuity between the Old and New Testament. All of the Old Testament points forward to Jesus, the centerpiece of human history. The Jesse tree takes its name from Isaiah 11:1, which says “A shoot will come up from the stump of […]

Using an Advent Wreath

We enjoy using an Advent Wreath during our Christmas season devotions. The advent wreath is somewhat similar to the Advent calendar, in that it marks the passage of time, from the first Sunday in the season until Christmas day. We light the Advent candles before beginning devotions. The children love the flickering candles and it […]

Advent Wreath Devotions

  Advent is celebrated on the four Sundays before Christmas, with the fifth candle being lit on Christmas Day. Each week is an opportunity to focus on a different aspect of Christ’s birth, with appropriate scriptures and songs. Here is one suggestion for family devotions with an Advent wreath. First Sunday of Advent On the […]

Making or Purchasing an Advent Wreath

We use an Advent Wreath every year during our Christmas season family devotions. For more articles about Advent, go to my Counter-Cultural mom blog.   The Advent wreath can be purchased or made from real or artificial evergreen boughs. Traditionally, it holds 4 candles on the wreath and one in the center. We arrange our Advent […]

Teaching Children about Other Religions

When and how much to teach about other religions is a sensitive subject. Each parent will need to make their own decision, taking into account the age of their children and the child’s own spiritual maturity. We live in a culture that is bombarding us–and our children–with the lie that every belief is equally valid, […]