Homeschooling a Child with a Learning Disability

Homeschooling my oldest son has always been a breeze.  He learned to read when he was 3, and my greatest educational challenge with him was poor penmanship. I was not prepared for the struggles I faced with our second son.  He wasn’t ready to read at age 3. Or at age 4. Or at 5. […]

Bunker Hill Chess

The boys have enjoyed many games of Bunker Hill Chess this spring.  They enjoy pitting the Americans against the British and fighting it out. You can almost hear the cannons booming!

Medieval Castle Siege Game

Finished castle with “King Toucan” I got this idea from someone else’s blog, but unfortunately I can’t remember where I saw it!  We had lots of fun with this one. First, we printed out castle templates so that the kids could assemble their own castle.  I printed out the black and white ones, and the […]

Viking Hnefetafl

  One of our favorite activities while studying the Vikings was playing the game of Hnefetafl (pronounced Nef-uh-tah-full). Hnefetafl is a strategy game like chess, though much simpler to play. It simulates a Viking raid, with attackers trying to capture the King and defenders trying to protect him. We made the game board years ago, […]

Music Theory Games

  Music Mind Games by Michiko Yurko is the most enjoyable and profitable thing we have used in studying music theory. The first time I used this book was with a classroom of three year olds. I was able to teach them many basics of music theory through engaging games. We all had fun and […]

Games at School

Let me start by saying I am not one of those moms who always has a game ready to teach any concept. I like to sit down, do the work, and move on. But that isn’t always the best way to learn, is it? So sometimes we do play games for school. And usually I […]

Egyptian Feast

We held our Egyptian Feast tonight to celebrate the end of our first week back to school. It was so fun! And easy! I was able to get everything I needed this afternoon, and I spent less than 3 hours total preparing the food, costumes and games. The memories will last a lifetime. My first […]