Write Guide writing course

We’re finally getting back in the swing of school after the holidays. Time to start posting again!

I love writing, and I am the happy beneficiary of several excellent writing courses taken in high school and college. Unfortunately, this has not translated very well when it comes to teaching my own children to write well, especially for my oldest, whose writing skills are advanced.

About 18 months ago we found Write Guide, an online course which pairs students with experienced, highly qualified writing teachers. It has been a fantastic fit for our family, and my son’s writing has improved by leaps and bounds through Write Guide.

You can read my complete review of Write Guide on The Curriculum Choice.


  1. Thanks, Molly. I’m looking into what I’m going to do next year. Like you, I had great teachers and writing is my strong suit. But it’s a whole different ball game teaching writing. And the time is a big factor in that. I’ll definitely check this out as an option.

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