Safety on the Internet

Our family uses the internet a lot.  We rely on it for our home-based business, for our oldest son’s online classes, for homework and educational websites, and for games.  Almost every member of our family uses the internet daily.

Although our computers are in a safe, public place, I began to worry last year about online safety.  Statistics show that most kids are introduced to pornography for the first time while trying to do their homework.  The average age of first exposure is 8 years old!

I spend a lot of time making my home safe for my children.  But for a long time I hadn’t even noticed the elephant in the room.  Unrestricted internet access poses a dangerous threat to our kids, and the devil will take advantage of our lack of vigilance.

We’ve been using a Covenant Eyes filter for many months now.  It has been a great blessing for our whole family.  I hope you’ll sign up for Covenant Eyes if you aren’t already using an internet filter.  If you sign up through a link on any of my websites or use my promo code CounterCultural you can get your first 30 days of accountability and filtering for free!

Disclosure:  I am a Covenant Eyes affiliate and will receive a commission on any purchases that result from following the links to their site that I provided in this post or elsewhere on this blog.


  1. Thanks again for your blog article for us.

    My wife and I have been homeschooling our family with a classical curriculum for a little over a year now. Thanks for providing great resources here!

    Luke Gilkerson

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