Tomb Painting

Our hands-on project last week was very simple. I hung newsprint on 3 walls in a walk-in closet, using painters tape to protect the walls. Newsprint can typically be gotten very cheaply in giant rolls at your local newspaper office. It makes great packing material if you are moving, and it is awesome to have on hand for drawing projects like this one!

I was too nervous about the carpet to use actual paint…so I put a bin of markers in the room and the kids basically just wandered in and doodled whenever they had some spare time.

For viewing the paintings, we used a couple Glade Wisp Flameless Candles. My kids LOVE these! Check your Sunday paper, as there are often coupons. I’ve gotten several of these for free (or virtually free) by saving my coupons until the candles go on sale at Walgreens.

When my boys have “camp-outs” in their tents, they color paper to look like a fire and tape it around one of these candles. The candles are perfectly safe, as they are battery operated, but they seem to flicker like a real fire. We’ve had lots of fun with them!

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