Chinese Fried Rice

I made Chinese fried rice tonight for our International Festival. This dish is so easy and so yummy that I make it frequently for lunch or dinner. It is a great way to use up leftover rice. Ingredients: vegetable oil 1 large onion, diced two or three cloves of garlic, minced Cooked White rice (I […]

Celebrating the Passover

Our study of Ancient Israel culminated this week with a passover meal. We were blessed to go to a Christian museum that teaches biblical history through architectural replicas and Biblical meal presentations. We began with a walk amongst the replicas, as our guide taught us about life in ancient Israel. She shared many scriptures with […]

Costumes for our Passover meal

We are getting ready to celebrate our Passover meal tonight. We’ll be finishing up our study of Ancient Israel in a few weeks, and I know tonight’s meal will be one of the highlights of our study. We are going to a biblical museum which specializes in doing passover meals for Christian groups. The setting […]

Gingerbread Houses part 2: Decorating

We decorated the gingerbread houses yesterday. We constructed them in advance and allowed them to sit overnight so they would be set. To decorate the houses, make up another large batch of frosting, adjusting this recipe as needed, based on the number of houses you are covering. Frosting “glue” recipe: 1 lb. powdered sugar 3 […]

Gingerbread Houses part 1: Construction

We are better! Everyone was feeling fine today. Our family has been sick since before Thanksgiving, so we’ll be playing catch-up this week with some of our favorite holiday activities. Last year we made gingerbread houses for the first time. Everyone had so much fun that we immediately decided it should become a yearly tradition. […]

Reformation Celebration food

Our family loves German food. We eat it all the time! I was blessed to go to school in Austria where I learned to cook several yummy favorites. Here is our favorite German menu. It’s perfect for a Reformation Celebration feast night! Wiener Schnitzel Kaesspaetzele (Cheesy noodles) Apple Strudel Wiener Schnitzel Traditionally, Wiener Schnitzel calls […]

Mayan Feast

As is our custom, we ended our study of the Mayan culture with a Mayan Feast. Here was the menu: Tamales Pozole De Pollo (traditional pre-columbian chicken soup) Corn Bread Smoothies Honey Vanilla Fruit Compote Hot Chocolate Tamales We love tamales, so I make them frequently. This was the first time I’ve made the dough […]

Indian Feast

  Knox chose to build the city wall with some structures inside. We just finished our study of Ancient India, and we capped off the week with an Indian Feast. Mema and Papa came over to join in the fun. The kids were excited to share some things they had learned about India, as well […]

Indian Feast Recipes

We studied Ancient India this week. Our study culminated with an Indian Feast. Here are the recipes we used. Menu: Basmati Rice Tandoori Chicken Chicken Curry Indian Naan Bread Green salad Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream) If you decide to prepare an Indian Feast, plan ahead. The ice cream needs at least 8 hours to freeze. […]

Celebrating Shabbat

We’ve been studying Ancient Israel and reading through the Old Testament. This week we read about (and worked to memorize!) the Ten Commandments. As we began to learn about the importance of honoring the Sabbath (Shabbat) we wanted to have a Shabbat Feast celebration in our own home. Our six year old son Colin was […]