Homeschooling the Dyslexic Child: Spelling

  SPELLING:  For the past 4 years we have been using All About Spelling , which is an Orton Gillingham method designed specifically for dyslexics. Most experts recommend teaching spelling to dyslexics using an Orton Gillingham method.  For more information and links to some curricula using OG methods, check out Susan Barton’s website Bright Solutions for Dyslexia, Inc.     […]

Homeschooling the Dyslexic Child: resources for mom and dad

Ronald Davis’ book The Gift of Dyslexia (read a short review of this book here) was very helpful for me in making the decision to have our son professionally tested, as the evaluation exercises gave me confidence that our struggles were not just all in my mind.  I also adapted some of the techniques I have used […]

Jello spello

My dyslexic son and my youngest son (who struggles with auditory perception) really need hands on, kinesthetic activities to help them cement spelling into their brains. If those activities can also be fun, then all the better! Enter “Jello spello”. Pour a package of jello powder into a bowl. Allow your child to trace his […]

Remediation and Accommodation for the Dyslexic Child

Remediation and Accommodation for the Dyslexic Child Podcast Powered By Podbean Topics include: Could my child be dyslexic? Making the decision whether or not to pursue formal testing Coming to terms with the diagnosis Finding more hours in the day Managing my own emotions while teaching a child with special needs Overcoming reading hurdles Spelling, […]

Don’t fill up on Dessert

My oldest was a natural born student.  When I started homeschooling him for Kindergarten, he was already reading well.  I had just one other child at the time, a baby.  The meat and potatoes of our school day were easily and quickly accomplished, leaving lots of time for dessert: history, science and enrichment. Things have […]

Spelling with Clay

Kinesthetic spelling activities are helpful for my dyslexic son.  In this exercise, he formed each letter in the spelling word out of clay.  He likes using a different color for each letter.  He also formed a representation of the word’s meaning out of clay.  This is an important step for dyslexics, who think in pictures. […]

Could my child be dyslexic?

I always knew one of my children was a little different.  At age two, he could quickly complete complicated puzzles that his six year old brother struggled to put together.  His mind just saw the way it had to be!  He was incredibly smart and continually amazed us with his mechanical mind and ingenuity. When […]

Another way to narrate…

The Bath house of Mohenjo Daro Charlotte Mason teaches that a child should tell what he has learned after reading a book. This narration is meant to be done in his own words, rather than in the Classical style’s question and answer format. We use both methods in our homeschool. Sometimes it is hard to […]

File Folder Spelling

My nine year old dyslexic son has been making great strides in his spelling.  I like to use hands-on, kinesthetic methods as he works to learn his spelling words.  One of his favorite activities is File Folder Spelling. He is given a stack of different colored alphabets, a file folder, his spelling list and some […]

Don’t despise the small things

  I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks because I haven’t had much to post about. It isn’t all hands on fun around here. Far from it! The last two weeks have been all about the same ‘ol stuff. Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. More Reading. The children sometimes find this work tedious, and wonder why […]