Teacher’s Institute

During the school year, public and private school teacher’s take a few days of teacher’s institute for encouragement, skill development and planning. Why shouldn’t we do the same?

We recently took a few days off. Part of this time, for me, was spent evaluating our year. What is working for us this year? What needs to be changed? Which subjects are going well, and which need tweaking now so we can maximize the rest of the school year?

Mid-year  Teachers Institute Days are also a good time to start organizing filed work so that assembling that end-of-the-year portfolio is not quite so daunting.  Update your list of “books read this year”.  Order photos from first semester field trips or fun projects and slip them into an accordion file before you forget what you did first semester.

If you are planning to do standardized testing in the spring, go ahead and submit your testing application now so you’ll be ready to go when the time comes.


  1. I saw your post about being at the home school conference this past weekend. My daughter and I were there as well. It would have been such a treat to meet you face-to-face.

  2. I take days like this from time to time. Pulling aside and revamping, getting things organized, and pulled back together tends to keep stress down for me and my children.

  3. Molly We are in Woodstock GA. Are yall nearby?

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