Reason # 128 to Homeschool

Renae at Life Nurturing Education inspired me this week with her post Reason #127 to Homeschool. Renae loves discovering wonderful books with her children. That sure ranks high on my list of “Reasons I love to homeschool!”

Here’s another reason why I like homeschooling…
We can do it at the kitchen table….

In a cozy nook…

Outside on a beautiful day…

On the couch…

On a field trip…

Seated at the computer….

…and even on the front porch…

Never having to sit in a desk? Priceless.

If you are inspired, write a post of your own and send me the link! What is one of your favorite things about Homeschooling?


  1. I’ll try again…my browser crashed while I was leaving my first comment.

    Here’s a link to our “Reason to Homeschool”…

    I can’t believe we are almost done with Year 1. I’m getting excited for next year as I begin planning for it.

    Happy Resurrection Weekend!

  2. Delightful! Yes, that is another good reason to homeschool. We do have desks, but only use them occasionally.

  3. Beautiful!!! I love your pictory of your homeschool life!

    Keep shining!

    smiles and joy,
    author of

  4. Love your reasons! For my favorite reasons, click here. ♥

  5. I have to admit it’s one of my favorite reasons to home school. What freedom!

  6. Great reason!
    I love having my kids with me!

  7. Desks? What’s a desk? LOL

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