New Year, New Books

It has been harder than usual for me to gear up for school this year. The summer flew by so quickly!! I don’t feel quite ready for Medieval feasts and learning to make mosaics.

Ready or not, here we go! It’s school time again. We’re leaving the Ancients behind and moving on to The Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Reformation.

Although I feel like I’m still recovering from a whirlwind summer, there is one thing that always gets me excited about school: the books! Charlotte Mason believed that living books whet a child’s appetite to learn. I find they do the same for me!

I love deciding what we are going to read each year, and arranging all our school books front and center in our reading nook. The old favorites nestle up alongside shiny new books, just waiting for someone to crack open their covers.

Oh, to be a child again and have time to read every one of those wonderful, living books! I feel blessed that as a homeschooling mom, I’ll get to share a great number of them with the people I love most.

Are you ready to start back to school? Do you need some inspiration? You might enjoy reading some of my Library Builders series. In this series I cover a variety of topics such as Choosing Books for Voracious Readers, Books for Art, Music, Poetry and Nature Study, Mommy’s Reading Time, and Building Character through Books.


  1. Thanks for sharing your talks. I’m so excited to download them to my Ipod and listen to them on a cross country trip we’re about to take before starting the new school year.
    We’re also loving My Audio School. I’m getting ready to subscribe and download some things from there for our trip as well.


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