Melting Snowman

When I saw this adorable Melted Snowman project on The Devine Home, I knew this would be perfect for our Georgia home.  My four year old and I had lots of fun making it!

First, pour a couple cups of sugar onto a domed cake platter.  Then pick out 5 black and 1 orange button for the eyes, nose and mouth.  Add twigs for arms, and pop on the dome.  For a hat, we used an old Christmas tree ornament from Texas.  A camouflage scarf tied around the cake stand base completes the look!

I purchased some snowy window clings for this project, as you see in the original (at the link above), but of course I lost them (and the matching buttons!) somewhere in our Christmas shuffle.  We were able to find enough buttons in our button box, but the window clings will have to wait for another day.  Maybe when I start wrapping gifts I’ll stumble across them!


  1. So glad you enjoyed the Melting Snowman project – it is such a fun one for kids!

    Merry Christmas & thanks for posting about the project.

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