Getting Organized for a New Year


It’s that time again! We’ve started back to school. Have you? We’ve left the Ancients behind, and have moved on to the Middle Ages. New books, new projects, new feasts await.

But first, I always have to get organized. One of the most important things, for me, is to get my history and science boxes set up. I hate it when we have to skip experiments or projects because we were out of vinegar, or I didn’t have Epsom salts on hand!

Here’s a picture of what my younger boys have in their science box. My oldest son gets his own box of supplies, since he is using a different curriculum than the younger boys are.

Sure, it takes a few hours at the store to pull all this stuff together. I guess I could let the boys use tinfoil, salt and baking soda from the pantry. But would you trust your kids to search here on their own?

You can read more about how I set up these boxes in my post Gathering Supplies in Advance.


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