The best laid plans…

I had this school year all planned out. I knew exactly how it would all unfold. Or so I thought. I did not anticipate that one of my children would spend four days in the hospital our 3rd week of school! Nor did I imagine that all my other children and I would be diagnosed with strep throat before our hospital ordeal was even over!

Suffice it to say, some of my plans did not come to fruition. Poor King Cluck II, our chicken mummy, was not meant to be. We are not professional embalmers, and when life intervened, he didn’t get the care he needed. His body started to rot and stink and he had to be thrown in the trash. I don’t know if we will try again (Knox and Colin want to!) or if we will scrap it (my preference) but I think valuable lessons can be learned, even if we don’t pick this project up again.

It was worth it to try. We had fun. Sometimes you have to know your limits, and allow yourself to fail and move on. The Lord is sovereign over all our plans, and we need to yield to Him when His plans are different than ours. The Lord taught us much more through our recent trial than we would have learned in a week of school!

Our son Knox had a staph infection that caused an internal abscess. An internal “boil” of sorts. Next week we plan to pick up where we left off, at the Exodus. When we get to the plague of boils, I’m sure it will resonate much more now than it would have last week!

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