Homeschooling the Dyslexic Child: Technology

Ipod: I could write a whole post on the iPod and great apps for dyslexics (and I will try to do so soon!), but for the sake of brevity I will just say that my dyslexic son uses his iPod daily for school.  He can write emails using voice commands (eliminating the need for typing). We have a variety of educational apps installed (including the Bible app mentioned below).

Also, he downloads all his audio books to it.  This is the one tool he could scarcely live without, and school has become SO much easier and more enjoyable with the iPod.

Word for Windows/spell check: My son types most of his assignments now, rather than writing them, as it enables him to make use of the Word spell check feature.  Sometimes he gets an occasional homonym wrong, but for the most part it has had a dramatic effect on his ability to write fluidly and well. This is his preferred software for creative writing.

Dragon:  Dragon is a voice command software that learns the sound of a single user’s voice, thus becoming more accurate as time goes on.  It can be installed on a computer, and there is also a Dragon app for the iPod.  You can use it for writing emails, composing Word documents, or any application where you would normally be writing but prefer to speak.

Ginger:  Ginger is a software you can install on the computer to spell check.  It is similar to the spell check on Word but with a few added features.  You can highlight a sentence and click on it to hear what you have actually typed, enabling the user to recognize mistakes more easily.  It will also suggest substitutions for misspelled words.

Bible: My son uses the You Version Bible for his daily Bible study.  This Bible is an app that he has installed on his iPod, and it allows him to easily select what version he wants to use and what passage.  With the touch of a button, the passage is read aloud for him by a narrator, not a computerized voice.  This app is great, and has been a fantastic aid to his devotions.

How are you using technology in your home school?