Scheduling Our Days: Part Two

I am frequently asked for specifics as to how I schedule my children’s school days. I wish you could read my color-coded schedule! I’ll try to explain what I am doing with my children as best as I can. Be forewarned: this is a loooooong post, full of potentially nauseating detail. It is written lovingly, […]

End of the Year Evaluations

I write a detailed evaluation for each of my children at the end of every school year. This is a requirement in my state of Georgia, but I don’t mind it. It is very helpful to look back over the year, taking stock of successes as well as areas to work on in the future.  […]

Frequently Asked Tapestry Of Grace Questions: Planning

It seems my Tapestry Of Grace post at the bottom of the blog was difficult to read…and Blogger put it into all caps, to boot! I’m going to try re-posting that material in this format, as a series of posts, to see if I can take care of the problem. If you aren’t interested in […]

Scheduling Our Days

Although I prefer spontaneity over schedule, I have found that scheduling our days has brought a lot of peace to our homeschool. I have been using the Mangers of Their Homes scheduling system for 4 years now and it has been a tremendous help to me. In the MOTH system, each person in the family […]

Gathering Supplies in Advance

In past years, hands on history projects and science experiments often seemed to fall by the wayside. My kids love doing this stuff, and it is so valuable for them…but it just wasn’t getting done! The main reason was the time involved in locating everything we needed to do an experiment. Frequently, after searching for […]

How I Avoided the TOG fog

We are part way through our 2nd year with TOG (Tapestry of Grace)…and I never felt the fog! Many people become overwhelmed with all Tapestry has to offer, and this sensation is referred to as “the tog fog”. I was so overwhelmed by the size of my giant TOG binders that I did a TON […]