Spelling: The Value of the Whiteboard

My childrens’ attitudes toward spelling have dramatically improved since we began using whiteboards instead of writing all their spelling words on paper.

When they were learning to write we used white boards all the time, but once they learned how to write I transitioned them completely to paper.

Spelling became very tedious for them, however, as they hated having to erase words. Paper felt so permanent to them, and they began to dread ever making a mistake.

Once we switched back to the white board, their anxiety disappeared. They actually enjoy practicing their spelling words and writing out sentences on their large white boards. I was able to purchase giant, magnetic whiteboards for them at Walmart for less than $10 per board.  The boards are perfect for holding all their spelling magnets, and there is plenty of room for them to write, as well.

This is not to say that we don’t use paper anymore. We certainly do use it for things like copywork and for other school subjects. But most of their spelling is done on the white board now, at least while they are still learning the words.


  1. My 5th grader especially likes working out all his math on the white board. I’m not sure why he finds it easier than paper. I love white boards. I have a couple of purse size ones (big purse) that I tote around with me for the kids to “play” with when we’re waiting somewhere.

  2. great idea. I think it has to do with the fact that it’s also different, changing things up.. so to speak.

  3. I think my children like the ease of writing with the marker upon the whiteboard as opposed to the paper….it just seems to glide on. That’s got to be much more pleasant.

    I should look for those larger white boards. I have a small one for individual words, and a very large one on our wall. Great idea & post!

  4. We also use the whiteboard for our All About Spelling lessons…much less fretful than when we were using paper at first. 🙂